Battle of the Bikini Bodies: Here Are More Than a Few Good Reasons to Consider Jessica Alba

Welcome back to Battle of the Bikini Bodies! Last week, you voted for your favorite hot bikini bods in the categories of SupermodelsPop StarsStarletsReality Stars, and Wildcards. We’ve tallied the votes, and the winners from those polls are now facing one another in the ultimate bikini body showdown. Return every day this week for a new feature — each full of of sexy photos and GIFs — on all of the finalists. You may vote once per day, so come back often to help secure victory for your favorite!

Jessica Alba won last week’s Starlets Round and is now a finalist against Kate UptonBritney SpearsHolly Madison, and Coco. Vote below for your favorite bikini body. After the poll, I’ve made what I believe to be an incredibly convincing argument for Miss Alba.

Here are but a few reasons to consider casting your vote for Jessica. Reason #1 is this GIF:

Reason #2 is this GIF:

Do you need more reasons? Seriously? OK, maybe this will help:

Still need convincing? This ought to do the trick:

Image via Esquire.

How could I forget this beautiful thing?

We could do this all day, but, really, I think I’ve made my point. I will leave you with 30 more reasons to vote for Jessica. (And after you’ve examined all 30 very carefully, don’t forget to vote!)

Here are our reasons to vote for Kate Upton.

Here are our reasons to vote for Britney Spears.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite bikini body above. Return every day this week for a feature on each of the sexy finalists!

Main images via Into the Blue, GQ, and Maxim.