Cory Monteith’s Father Says His Son Was Cremated

While Lea Michele is grieving alongside Cory Monteith’s family in Vancouver, British Columbia, the late actor’s father is grieving alone.

Joe Monteith is “devastated” he wasn’t able to see his son before he was cremated, he tells Celebuzz.

“I love my son as always forever and forever,” said Joe, holding back tears.

“I am just devastated. He’s going to be forever missed.”

Although he hasn’t planned any memorial services, Joe says his ex-wife, Cory’s mother Ann McGregor, is making necessary arrangements in Vancouver, more than 3,000 miles from his home in New Brunswick.

“They have not called me. I have had no input. I’m totally at a loss. I couldn’t even see my son before he was cremated,” he added.

“Everything has been planned by my ex wife.

“If they happen to invite me, I’d like to be there.”

The British Columbia Coroner’s Office confirmed July 16 the 31-year-old died of a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol.

Joe’s wife Yvette Monteith previously gave Celebuzz an exclusive statement upon hearing the news of her stepson’s tragic passing: “He was a beautiful young man. He was loved by everybody,” she said. “He was very talented and put himself in the spotlight because that’s where he always wanted to be and that is what he was always interested in. He made everybody smile. That was Cory.”