Demi Lovato’s ‘Made In The USA’ Music Video: A Tale Of Young Love

Demi Lovato’s new music video for her latest single, “Made In The USA,” has all the makings of a classic American love story.

Boy meets girl at a carnival. Girl and boy roll around in the grass. They drive aimlessly in a vintage convertible Chevy, hair blowing in the wind. They frolic in the rain. This all means they are officially in love, clearly. But what happens when boy has to ship off to fight for his country? Well, just watch the video, above, to find out…

The just-released video for the second single off Demi’s album, Demi, happens to be co-directed by none other than Ms. Lovato herself. It also stars two hot young Hollywood actors — Friday Night Lights’ Aimee Teegarden and 90210’s Dustin Mulligan.

“Made In the USA”‘s pop-patriotic style serves as a fitting soundtrack for the loved-up pair’s emotional wartime drama. Demi appears throughout the clip, too, all casual and country in denim and light makeup. She happily strums her guitar for a young crowd in a venue that looks a wee bit like the set of Footloose.

We can’t knock the 20-year-old performer for trying her best with this directorial debut. There was no awkward Smurfs dancing or boring concert footage, so we’ll take it. Nice job, Demi.

Take a look at Demi’s “Made In The USA” music video, above. Lyrics for the track are now on Directlyrics.