Queen Elizabeth: Let’s Get This Show On The Road, Royal Baby

Like everyone else in the media, I’m getting so antsy waiting around for Baby Cambridge that almost anything (almost) royal-related strikes my fancy.

While I’m not all that interested in how an elementary school acquaintance thinks Catherine will be as a mom, I do find Queen Elizabeth’s opinion on the whole waiting game rather compelling.

While on an engagement in Cumbria today, the Queen visited children in Lake Windermere.  A few were curious as to whether the monarch preferred Kate have a boy or girl.

I don’t think I mind,” she said rather diplomatically, according to the BBC’s Peter Hunt.

However, the Queen’s annual Balmoral holiday commences next week, so the future monarch better hop to it.

“I would very much like it to arrive.  I’m going on holiday,” the Queen added.

In other splendid news, the Queen approved gay marriage in Britain.