Royal Biographer Marcia Moody Explains The Fascination With Kate Middleton

Marcia Moody was OK! Magazine’s royal correspondent for two years, which gave her unique access to the royal family and allowed her to study the Duchess of Cambridge.  Moody’s new biography, Kate (out Oct 1, available for pre-order now) details the expectant mom’s life as a commoner and then as one of the most influential women in modern history.  Celebuzz interviewed the journalist about her new book, and how Kate’s rock solid relationship with William revived the monarchy.

CB: What about Kate captivates you most?

MM: I think probably her one hundred percent dedication to her role – she was not born into the royal family and yet she seems like she was. She has overcome extreme nerves about stepping into the public arena, and whenever I have seen her she has a fantastic way with people – she is warm, friendly and interested in everyone. Like William and other members of the family, each person that she speaks to feels like they have her undivided attention whether it it just for one minute or for five or more. She has also totally submerged herself in her charity patronages, doing all her own research before deciding which ones to take on – everyone I spoke to at her charities was impressed with the depth of research, and the commitment she was offering them.

CB: During her twenties, do you think Kate felt that her relationship with William was more “giving” than “taking” on her part because she was sacrificing so much (her friendships, her freedom)?

MM: I think that there would definitely have been many levels of transition in the early years of their relationship.  After all, Kate had led a totally private life for her first twenty years and anyone would need to take a lot of changes on board if they entered into a relationship with a future monarch. In that way, I’m sure the private person would have been through a lot of adjustment, and Kate would have been no different. I do also think that one of the the reasons she and William are still together is because of the ways that he has supported her with the changes that she was going through.

CB: People often ask me if Kate was more in love with the idea of being a royal/dating a prince than  William himself.  I believe that she was/is/always has been head-over-heels in love with him.  What are your thoughts?

MM: I really don’t think she was in love with the idea of being royal. While other female students [at St. Andrew’s] would wait for William outside lectures and stumble up to him on nights out, Kate was actually embarrassed when she first met him and didn’t say much. And they both dated other people to begin with – they were friends for over a year before they got together. She would have been only too aware of the pressures that would have come with being a member of the royal family – she would have seen that William’s protection officers were a constant presence, and seen first hand the way he was treated by strangers and written about in the press because of his position. I think they are both with each other for entirely the right reason – they are in love.

CB: There is talk that Carole Middleton encouraged Kate to attend St. Andrew’s instead of Edinburgh (where she was originally supposed to go) after Carole found out that William was going to attend.  Do you believe this?  

MM: No, I think it’s complete fabrication. Carole always seems to get a bad rap and I really don’t know why… She’s a pretty amazing woman – starting up her own business from scratch and raising three children at the same time, and she didn’t have any formal child care. Then when the business was taking off, her husband quit his job to join her on the business. Others have been called feminist role-models for less! The fact is regarding the admissions process to university, Kate would have accepted her offer to St Andrews early in the year, while William’s team didn’t announce that it was where he would be attending until much later in the year.

CB: People often assume there is something “more” going on with Kate and Prince Harry because they are always laughing together.  What is your response to this?

MM: Kate and Harry get on brilliantly and they are very fond of each other, but to suggest anything more is ludicrous!

CB: How do you think Kate handles the scrutiny of being in the spotlight?

MM: I think she handles it bit by bit. She’s been with William for ten years and has had time to acclimate. He has given her lots of good advice, as have other members of his family and his team. She’s a pretty strong, self-confident and intelligent woman, so I think she deals with it in a very logical way. She’s still learning, but she and William have a great relationship and he will be supporting her every step of the way.

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