‘Sharknado 2′ Will Take Place in New York City

Because living through Hurricane Sandy was so much fun for everyone, SyFy announced on Wednesday that the inevitable sequel to Sharknado, the tentatively titled Sharknado 2, will wreak havoc on the streets of New York sometime in 2014.

The original Sharknado starred Tara Reid and Ian Ziering and centered around a tornado that lifted sharks out of the ocean and sent them flying through the streets of Los Angeles. The movie bombed in the ratings (only 1.4 million viewers tuned in) but hit big on Twitter, which was apparently all the network needed to say “yes” to a sequel.

Here’s the press release, which sounds like it was written by a cross between Bruce Vilanch and the Crypt Keeper from Tales From the Crypt:

Every once in a while, there is a perfect storm—on television. The fans are clamoring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel. What we can guarantee is that Sharknado 2 will be lots of fun. We’ll be announcing more details very soon. But we didn’t want our fans to worry they wouldn’t get their fill of more shark fin, I mean, fun next year.

On my way to work this morning, I saw a naked homeless woman sleeping on a piece of cardboard. I think I can handle a couple of sharks.