The Good, the Bad and the Unclear: The Latest from the ‘Gone Girl’ Casting Couch

Well it looks like this Gone Girl movie is really gonna happen. I mean, 20th Century Fox has had the rights to it since last summer, but these things fall apart all the time. With Ben Affleck attached to star in it and David Fincher attached to direct, though, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a movie. Combine Affleck coming off the heels of Argo’s best picture Oscar win, Fincher’s first film since the critically-acclaimed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and a wildly successful novel and it’s no wonder press coverage of this movie has already reached a fever pitch. And we aren’t even close to knowing a potential release date.

So let’s break down all the recent news about this movie piece-by-piece.

The Good

When it was announced that Reese Witherspoon would be producing the movie, there was some speculation that she was perhaps also interested in starring as Amy Dunne. However, it has been confirmed that she will only be serving as a producer and is not even in consideration for Amy. While Witherspoon seems like a nice woman and she’s certainly proved her acting talents before, she just doesn’t seem right for the part.

The Bad

The bad news comes today courtesy of Variety, which reports that among the actresses meeting with Fincher about playing Amy are Julianne Hough and Olivia Wilde. Oh man, Julianne Hough, what a nightmare. Can you picture the trailer? “From Academy Award winning director David Finch … starring Academy Award winner Ben Affleck and Dancing with the Stars’ Julianne Hough…” Recipe for disaster right there.

The Unclear

A conflicting report from The Hollywood Reporter, however, claims that Rosamund Pike is the first choice for the role of Amy. This would be great! Unfortunately, the deal sounds far from done. According to Variety, Fincher and the studio do like Pike for the role, but she hasn’t yet auditioned for it, nor has she actually met with Fincher about the part. Other actresses whose names been floated around (Emily Blunt, Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron) to play Amy are all out likely due to scheduling or budgetary concerns. Fortunately, Pike is a great actress who doesn’t require the same paycheck that Blunt, Portman and Theron do.

As for who will play the other characters in the movie, let this be the first official suggestion that Maura Tierney be considered for the role of Go.