‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’: Here’s Jamie Foxx as a Very Scary Electro

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There’s evil in the walls and his veins.

That’s the type of villain Electro claims to be in this first Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser, released Thursday ahead of the film’s San Diego Comic-Con panel.

And what a teaser it is. In some 30 seconds, fans get a first taste of Jamie Foxx’s villainous character, his evil voice and his not-so-friendly face, as jolts of electricity fire off around him.

“No matter what you do doc, you can’t contain it. You want to know how powerful I am? Well I want to know too. I’m Electro,” he says in the clip.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, out in May 2014, will see the return of Andrew Garfield as the webbed hero, Emma Stone as his love Gwen Stacy and Sally Field as Aunt May. Paul Giamatti, B.J. Novak and Felicity Jones also make appearances.