Taylor Swift's Bad Hair Day Makes for a Good Caption Contest

Taylor Swift performs live
You know, bad hair moments happen. To everyone, even the rich and famous. When you're photographed 24/7, odds are that one or two photos won't be the best. OK. So, whatever. True, Taylor Swift on her bad days still looks better than I do on my good days. That's life. But that doesn't mean we can't take advantage of this opportunity and have a little fun:

"It's ok if you don't like it...I'll just write a song about you and make some more money." - Amy

"There's something about Taylor" - Shelby

"I am Never Ever Ever using Aqua Net again" - Karyn

"So I went to this place where they tied baloons to my hair.....you like?" - Sheri

"What do you mean? 'It was a hair raising experience.'" - Matt

"O My God Becky... Would u Look at how BIG her hair is...lol" - Michele

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