Jay-Z (Kind Of) Undergoes Name Change

The man formerly known as Jay-Z has made a crucial style adjustment to his stage name, dropping the famous hyphen that resides in his moniker.

According to Billboard editor Joe LevyJay-Z Jay Z made the slight change even before 2012’s Watch The Throne was released, but it’s only now that the modification has come to light. He writes:

But don’t feel guilty if you have been misspelling Jay Z’s name wrong all these years. As Levy points out, even the rapper’s own label, Roc Nation, is confused. They’ve listed the rapper as Jay-Z on the album cover of 2009’s The Blueprint 3, but no where else on the record.

Jay, whose was born Shawn Carter, now joins the slew of famous musicians such as Snoop Dogg Snoop Lion and Puff Daddy P. Diddy Diddy who’ve altered their stage names.

As least fans can take solace at the fact that didn’t change his name to a mere symbol.

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