Olivia Munn: ‘The Newsroom’ Faced ‘Tough Competition’ for Emmy Nominations

After critics applauded The Newsroom for turning a corner with its season two premiere, cast member Olivia Munn hoped Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series — about the behind-the-scenes happenings of the fictional Atlantis Cable News channel — could earn Emmy recognition.

“Well it would be very nice,” she told Celebuzz at the L’Oréal USA Women in Digital “NEXT” Generation Awards in New York City Wednesday, hours before nominations for 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced. “I know how hard Sorkin works on the show and how everybody works on the show, so to get something like that would be amazing.”

While it didn’t make the cut for the outstanding drama series category, ” target=”_blank”>The Newsroom did pull in three nods, including one for lead actor Jeff Daniels, who stars as News Night lead anchor Will McAvoy.

“It’s a tough competition. One-hour dramas, all of my favorite shows are in that category,” Munn admitted. “I have a lot of friends on other shows. So, it’s one of those things that it’s nice when it happens, and if it doesn’t happen, it’s really nice for your friends.”

For her part, Munn praises Sorkin — also the brain behind beloved TV drama, The West Wing, and the Oscar-winning movie, The Social Network — particularly for how he weaves real-world news stories into his scripts.

“I’ve never really asked him what he covers and what he doesn’t cover, and the rhyme or reason,” she said. “Only recently during a panel did … I get to hear [Sorkin’s] answer. They were talking about the Newtown shooting and if he would cover it. And he said … something like … ‘It’s very hard to do because … you have to do it without exploiting it or diminishing it. It’s a very tricky thing.'”

“So it’s interesting, the thought process he has to go through to decide,” she continued. “Just because it’s a news event doesn’t mean that we should be incorporating it into our show, which is a fictional show. I really loved and respected him more for saying that.”

Though Sorkin chooses storylines on his own accord, that doesn’t stop Munn and her fellow castmates from trying to predict what current events will pop up in the show’s scripts.

“Sometimes I watch things and I get very excited, I’m like, ‘I wonder if we’re gonna [cover that],'” she said. “Sometimes we do that on the set. We go through and go, ‘What’s the next story going to be?’ And we all go through our timeline … try to figure out what news event was happening at that time.”