Paula Deen’s Fans Are Mailing the Companies That Dropped Her Butter Wrappers Now

Fans of Paula Deen’s are organizing. Using the name Butter for Paula, a group is encouraging the TV chef’s fans to mail butter wrappers to the companies that dropped her after Deen admit to having used the n-word during a deposition. The Butter for Paula website claims “a company without Paula is like a wrapper without butter.” A wrapper without butter is, in fact, just wax paper, a perfectly useful kitchen staple.

Now I don’t presume to understand someone passionate enough about a television chef to locate and utilize a stamp, but I have a feeling a bunch of envelopes filled with greasy wax paper isn’t going to tip the scale back in Deen’s favor. What it is going to do is make some minimum wage-earning mail room employee’s life a living hell.

Butter for Paula was set up by the same man who started the “We support Paula Deen” Facebook page, which currently has more than 600,000 likes. Supporters are also using the hashtag #WeWantButter on Twitter. It doesn’t look like they’ve been too terribly successful thusfar.

A representative from the Food Network tells Celebuzz that the station has yet to receive any mailed butter wrappers, but then again, it’s possible the mailmen just have butter fingers. Nailed it.