12 Reasons Why You Should Be A Fan Of Benedict Cumberbatch

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It’s Benedict, Cumberbitches.

Though the British actor made his onscreen debut in 2002, he’s seriously becoming one of England’s hottest import. This year alone, Benedict Cumberbatch has been involved in 7 different projects, ranging from TV (BBC’s Sherlock), blockbusters (Star Trek Into Darkness), serious dramas (12 Years a Slave), biopics (The Fifth Estate) and cartoons (The Simpsons).

Needless to say, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy.

To celebrate his 37th birthday this Friday, Celebuzz is taking a look at just what makes Cumberbatch so irresistible. Here are 12 reasons why you should seriously consider being one of his fans.

1. He’s really British. Come on, his birth name is really Benedict Cumberbatch.

2. So like all British folks, he really stresses the importance of speaking English correctly. And we can all get behind education, right?

3. He loves a good think.

4. He’s not afraid to get emotional.

5. Cumberbatch knows how to take charge.

6. So you could say he has a little bad boy streak in him.

7. He understands that pants suck. Really, they do.

8. And, most importantly, he knows exactly what his fandom likes.

9. Like this.

10. And using GIFs.

11. In fact, he’s all on board of you using GIFs of him.

12. We love you too, Benedict. Our bodies are ready.

[All GIFs from Tumblr.]