Ryan Murphy: There Will Be a Cory Monteith Tribute and ‘Long Hiatus’ on ‘Glee’ Season 5

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One day after FOX announced that the upcoming season premiere of Glee has been delayed by one week, series co-creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed there will be a tribute episode to the late Cory Monteith.

We will begin shooting in late August the two shows we had already written, so that people can physically go back to work,” Murphy told Deadline this weekend.

“We will then do an episode that will deal with the death of Finn’s character and follow that with a long hiatus. I don’t know how exactly we will come back, and we are trying our best with this attempt at damage control. We are planning a memorial for the cast and crew sometime this week on the Paramount lot.”

Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver hotel shortly after 12 p.m. PT on July 13. The British Columbia Corner’s Office confirmed three days later that the 31-year-old actor had overdosed on a mixture involving heroin and alcohol.

Murphy told Deadline that the Glee family “considered every option” when it came to the future of the show in the wake of Monteith’s tragic passing.

“They wanted to be back on the set, where there is a sense of security, and where they can grieve together and talk about him,” Murphy said.

A shortened season could also be in the works, according to Murphy.

“I just don’t know yet. Lea [Michelle] blessed every decision. I told her even I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to write about the death of someone I love. She wanted people to be together. She and Cory were the young leads of that show, the A story. Lea has been a leader all through this difficult process.”

Glee Season 5 will premiere on FOX Sept. 26.

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