Lady Gaga Goes Nude for ‘V Magazine,’ Covers Herself With… Herself

Little Monsters have been trying to contain themselves all weekend long.

One reason is the above nude snap of Lady Gaga, released on Instagram and Tumblr by fashion photographers Inez van Lambsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, otherwise known as Inez & Vinoodh.

According to the Dutch duo, there’s plenty more to come -- the sizzling photo shoot is for an upcoming issue of V Magazine. Here's the rest of the first photo:

The other Gaga-related thing making noise this weekend is a video featuring a brunette Mother Monster and some scary fingers. (Watch below).

On July 12, Lady Gaga announced on her Facebook page that her highly anticipated album ARTPOP will officially hit stores on Nov. 11. Pre-orders through a special ARTPOP app will be available Sept. 1



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  • Ash Dot
    Ash Dot

    GORGOUS! SHe is so beautiful! And so hot! I love her!

  • Deanna Flowers Brown
    Deanna Flowers Brown

    I do not see how this is a sexy or "sizzling" photo AT ALL.

  • Ad Lib
    Ad Lib

    Geez. They've even 'shopped out her vulva. This could have been a lovely art shot, celebrating naturalism. Might as well be wearing tonnes of make up, this photo is the same type of mask, in my opinion.

  • Dfghfg Fgdhgfd
    Dfghfg Fgdhgfd

    She looks absolutely beautiful!

  • celebunknown

    This image is disgusting and puts the focus on promoting sexualizing children. It is very obvious that she is supposed to look like a young, innocent, virginal child here - tween or early teen. This is disgusting for attention. Perverted. Maybe she likes to use the guaranteed method of "controversy" for shallow attention, but this is really offensively disgusting. She has absolutely no standards or class. This picture looks like a nude child being exploited. This is so disrespectful to abused, exploited and molested children and her young fans.

  • Lucy McFadden
    Lucy McFadden

    Excuse me why I throw up in my mouth!!!!!!! :0,,,,,,,,,,FUGLY............STILL!!

  • Lucy McFadden
    Lucy McFadden

    Excuse me why I throw up in my mouth!!!!!!! :0,,,,,,,,,,FUGLY............STILL!!

  • Jana Renfro
    Jana Renfro

    she looks amazing without all that make-up

  • Ad Lib
    Ad Lib

    So. Much. Photoshopping. So much cutting/body sculpting and what the heck they have done to her collar bone, I don't know.