Scary is Good: ‘The Conjuring’ Wins Weekend Box Office With $41.5M

A bunch of minions and fast snail were no match for Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and their new horror flick The Conjuring.

The James Wan-directed picture grossed some $41.5 million to win the weekend box office, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Last weekend’s topper, Despicable Me 2, fell to second place with $25 million (though to date, its domestic earnings now total $276 million).

If it was anyone’s dream for Ryan Reynolds to have two top three films at the box office this weekend, well, continue dreaming.

The handsome actor’s two new entries into the race: the animated Turbo and the supernatural film R.I.P.D. placed third and seventh, respectively, with the latter earning a mere $12.8 million.

Pacific Rim, meanwhile, dropped from third to sixth place, taking in another $16 million this weekend. Worldwide, the Guillermo del Toro masterpiece has grossed some $121 million.

On deck for the rest of July: The Wolverine, The To-Do List and The Smurfs 2.