Kelly Rowland Almost Lost at Sea

Kelly Rowland’s a survivor. Literally.

Our second most important Child of Destiny was nearly lost at sea Friday. Or, rather, the boat she had rented to go whale watching got disoriented off the coast of Provincetown, Mass. in strong winds and the Coast Guard had to come out and rescue her. It remains unclear to what extent Beyoncé controls the weather, though this stands as proof positive that she is a vengeful, yet forgiving, God. No one aboard the boat was injured during Rowland’s nightmarish whale watching fiasco.

Us Weekly notes that Rowland will be performing at her next concert in Waco, Texas. Which, what else would she be doing there? Attending?

Beyoncé has yet to release a statement, though Rowland wants to know how our weekends went.

Better than yours, Kelly. Better than yours.