Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Their Kids Keep Cool at a Miami Pool

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian and long-time boyfriend Scott Disick took time out from their busy schedules for some quality family time with their two children, son Mason and daughter Penelope, in Miami, Fla., over the weekend.

Wearing a low-cut black one-piece, Kardashian showed of her stunning post-baby body as she splashed around with her tots: one-year-old Penelope in a leopard-print two-piece, and three-year-old Mason in tiny swim trunks. When they hopped out of the water, the little ones played with daddy Disick, who lounged poolside.

The family of four were vacationing at the Setai Hotel in Miami, after leaving Los Angeles behind for a relaxing weekend getaway.

Scroll through the snaps of the famous couple and their adorable children, above.



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  • Wendy Kelly
    Wendy Kelly

    Jessica Arnold, first of all thats not even your buisness and second. You are an IDIOT Do you know how that its KIM who had the baby recently. WOW you are a moron

  • Lisa Taylor
    Lisa Taylor

    Lol I did even realize the baby's bathing suit... It's a baby she could be naked if she wants lmfao

  • Jessica Tamara Nielson
    Jessica Tamara Nielson

    i dont like it, i think shes a little young for it but im also not her mom and thats her decision in what to put her in but she doesnt look like she has a swim diaper.

  • Nicole Wescombe
    Nicole Wescombe

    wrong kardashian! lol Kim is the one with a newborn....

  • Jessica Arnold
    Jessica Arnold

    Is anyone else like "hey...why isn't she with her newborn?"

  • Jessica Arnold
    Jessica Arnold

    Is anyone else like "hey...why isn't she with her newborn?"

  • Janet Benoit
    Janet Benoit

    Penny is about the same age and size as my grand daughter and I'm super protective of her, If i found a 2 piece that covered properly i would let her wear it. I don't see a problem. She's an adorable kid...I think Kourt and Scott are great parents. It's clear they adore them.

  • Jennifer Cuti
    Jennifer Cuti

    WH..get a grip n sit on an ice pack..theres nothing disgusting about it! My daughters first bathing suit was a bikini with 2 flowers as the top part...it was adorable n so is Pen above! Nothin wrong with it

  • Whitney Lowry
    Whitney Lowry

    I would never have my baby in a string bikini like that. Disgusting.

  • Tina Allen Pache
    Tina Allen Pache