A Braless Rihanna Shows Off Her Nipples In A Sheer Shirt, Because, She's Rihanna

If there's such a thing as an "on purpose nip slip," Rihanna has accomplished it with her latest get-up.

Sporting no bra and a see-through mesh top, the "Stay" songstress managed to show the world her boobs -- and nipple ring, for that matter -- as she left her hotel in Stockholm, Sweden Monday.

The 25-year-old was reportedly on her way to perform at the Globe Arena when she stepped out with racy attire, which still didn't explain, like, why she was walking around the city baring her breasts to every Swede in town.

Rihanna wore the sheer top with basketball shorts and a baseball cap, so maybe it's a European gym thing? After all, Ireland did put the kabosh on the whole Rihanna topless thing when she was in town earlier this year.

For the uncensored photos, head on over to Celebuzz's sister site, The Superficial.



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  • Jennifer Frisby
    Jennifer Frisby

    She deserved to get her ass beat by Chris Brown. Nasty skank!

  • Amy Hyett
    Amy Hyett

    No that's just rianna i don't like her or her music she is just new money trailer trash... she has no class

  • chrissiem

    Money doesn't buy class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gamegrrl

    "Butt" naked? *chuckle*

  • Betty Dearing
    Betty Dearing

    wtf, why don't people just start walking around butt naked! Who cares if kids are around! society has gone so far down hill!! Disgusting.

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    Sandy Parker

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