‘RHOC’ Recap: Gretchen and Vicki Face Tough Truths

It’s reality check time for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Vicki Gunvalson. Last week, Vicki received some unsettling news from frenemy/former employee Lauri Waring Peterson about her estranged boo, Brooks Ayers, seeing other women. Vicki had to get to the bottom of things considering the source, and met Brooks for dinner to inquire about his romantic status. This was after the two went vodka tasting for her latest business venture.

Brooks denied Lauri’s accusations, and maintained he wasn’t in a relationship, but did admit he wasn’t dating anyone “steady”. Which is it Brooks, are you playing the field or lighting a candle for Vicki’s return? It seems like Brooks is playing a game of semantics, but nevertheless, Vicki buys his story and denounces Lauri’s accusations.

Vicki informed Brooks her daughter Briana has moved out, and he can stop by her place and hang out. However, Brooks, in his usual manner, rebuffed Vicki’s suggestions. It seems the slick Southerner wants Vicki to work out the issues she and her daughter have, and wasn’t about to enter into that arena again. Brooks informed Vicki he wasn’t going to rekindle a thing, if she doesn’t put Briana in her place. Uh Brooks, you know Vicki’s children aren’t going anywhere right? You might as well stop the ultimatums and try to win the kids over if you want to be with her.

Meanwhile, Gretchen and Alexis Bellino finally had a one-on-one regarding their strained friendship. It seems all season long, both ladies have been fighting to clear their names and start anew with the other women. Alexis accused Gretchen of rejecting her after their disastrous trip to Costa Rica last year. On the flip side, Gretchen feels Alexis never supported her during Slade’s son Grayson’s medical issues. Alexis fired back, she prayed and even tweeted support for the child, but Gretchen saw it as a way for Alexis to look good in the public eye.

A tweet, Alexis? At least send Gretchen a text message to say you’re thinking about her, and not a lame tweet! The ladies once again never owned up to their part in their rift, or tried to repair their fractured relationship. With all this sweeping things under the rug, the ladies are going to create a mountain of dirt that will come flying out if they aren’t careful…

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Gretchen creating a song to sing to Slade in order to propose. Just use flash cards.

Thank you, TV gods.: Tamra Barney and her man Eddie Judge finally setting a wedding date. Thank you GOD!

Awk-ward: Lydia McLaughlin and her mom talking about teabags. Stop.

Hotness: Baby Troy! He’s going to be a heartbreaker.

Fab-u-lous: Heather Dubrow’s home being offered $16 million! WOW! That is OC living!

Can. Not. Wait.: Vicki’s confrontation of Slade and his nasty comments.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10):6.5

Should Vicki take Brooks’ advice? Will Gretchen and Alexis ever be friends? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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