This Is Why You Should Never Ask Selena Gomez About Justin Bieber


Given Selena Gomez's on-and-off relationship status with Justin Bieber, it's no surprise the ongoing saga that is their romance is a touchy subject for the songstress. In fact, journalists nowadays have been informed by her camp to never bring up the subject.

Unfortunately for Chicago's WGN-TV host Dean Richards, he didn't get the memo this week. During his one-on-one with the songstress, the on-air personality casually rambled on about Bieber's recent “outrageous” antics while the 21-year-old squirmed uncomfortably in her seat.

When he finally questioned if there was anything “we don’t get” about their situation, the “Come & Get It” singer laughed nervously and looked off-camera -- presumably at her publicist -- before abruptly cutting the live feed with a title card promoting her upcoming album.


Likewise, Bieber has forbidden anyone from playing Gomez's music at his photo shoots.



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  • Rebbecca Anne Babick
    Rebbecca Anne Babick

    I do not agree Selena is a good singer might be the kind of music you like or whatever but she does have talent.leave the girl alone I don't blame her for not wanting to talk about Justin it prob makes her feel unconftable to talk about him. She prob didn't know what to say.

  • Jerry Thomas
    Jerry Thomas

    Good for Selena,The interview was supposed to be about her, not her on again,off again boyfriend. TMZ has all that info.Why is it that every reporter wants to be a bad news gossip hound?

  • Maria Gracia Amado
    Maria Gracia Amado

    That's rude, she's not "talking" to someone her age, she could've at least said, "I don't wanna talk about it, sorry", she's not on age to act like that, she's 21.

  • Jillean Kuski
    Jillean Kuski

    Good for her!!! Its really getting annoying with all this Selena/Bieber crap! Leave the girl alone already!!!!

  • crossover090582

    FOR THE RECORD!! SELENA GOMEZ IS NOT, I REPEAT, IS NOT A SONGSTRESS!! She has absolutely ZERO singing talent/ability. The ONLY reason her music does well is because of something I like to refer to as the "SPEARS EFFECT", Media, Fame, and Money pushes the autotuned GARBAGE she calls music to the top of the charts. As a real vocalist people like Selena Gomez disgust me! Rant over, that is all!!