Aaron Paul’s Pretty Embarrassed About That Time He Played Romeo on ‘90210’

Sure, he’s got two Emmys now and another nomination pending, but at one point Aaron Paul was just another teenager trying to break into the biz. Tuesday night, Jay Leno trotted out one of those clips — a guest role on Beverly Hills, 90210 — for the world to see. On the episode, Paul played Chad who, in turn, was playing Romeo in a production of Romeo and Juliet at West Beverly High. Paul was not very impressed with his earlier work.

There is no shortage of gems like this one out there. If you haven’t yet, let me encourage you to treat yourself to Aaron Paul’s appearance on The Price is Right:

And what about his Corn Pops commercial? Have you seen his Corn Pops commercial? As it turns out, before he was addicted to meth, Jesse Pinkman had much more wholesome cravings.

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