Moment of Then: Prince William’s Official Public Debut

Yesterday, the world experienced yet another day of Royal Baby fever when Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London to officially introduce their newborn son to the public.

Watching the images unfold on television, it was hard not to recall the day when Prince Charles and Princess Diana did the exact same thing for a then-little William, right down to the polka-dot dress that Diana wore for the occasion. The world was just as captivated by the Royal Family then as they were just a couple of days ago, making it clear that the traditions and sheer spectacle of it all isn’t something that will likely die down anytime soon.

Whether that is a good or a bad thing is a whole other topic. But for little Baby Cambridge, at least, his story has officially begun, much like his father’s did on June 22, 1982.

See photos of William’s debut in the gallery, above.