Today’s Captions Are Beautiful Like Diamonds in Rihanna’s Mouth

Grills: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. That is what I have always said. That and, “Don’t forget to wash the broccoli!” in an old lady voice. Those are my catchphrases, the things I say. (LAUGH TRACK) What are your catchphrases? Leave them in the comments!!! Or don’t. I’m not your mom. I’m just saying, if you left a comment with your catchphrase, it could appear in this week’s CommentBuzz. So, ya know… #incentives.

By the way, you know how I started out talking about grills? And then things devolved into broccoli and catchphrases? I just wanted to clarify that I was talking about Rihanna’s teeth grill, not, like, “Let’s grill us up some burgers!” I guarantee you that’s somebody’s catchphrase!

My other catchphrase seems to be “Check out today’s hilarious winning captions!”

“Sigourney had that shaved head. And then the Alien was like–” – Eric

“The girl behind her looking like my cameras not working I’ma cry, lol.” – Porsche

“is there something in my grilllll?” – Ashley

“50 shades of Grey ain’t got nutn on RI” – Mary

“Diamonds no matter where you put them are a girls best friend!” – Betty

“Hey Rihanna! Do your best Nicki Minaj impression!!” - Valerie

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