Judge Extends Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold For Two More Weeks

Amanda Bynes will be under psychiatric care for another two weeks, according to a judge’s ruling late today, TMZ is reporting.

Amanda and her lawyer were actually present during the hearing held at the facility where she’s been staying under a 5150 hold since Monday night. But they lost their bid to get the extension denied.

According to the online report, physicians treating the troubled former child star argued that the two extra weeks were necessary to diagnose her and without doing so she could pose a potential threat to others and herself.

Case in point, the reason the 27-year-old was ordered by police to remain under involuntary psychiatric supervision — she started a small fire on the driveway of a random residence in her neighborhood of Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Today’s ruling may be a good sign for Amanda’s parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, who are reportedly going to court Friday morning to make a plea for temporary conservatorship.