Your Guide to the Guest Stars of ‘Parks & Recreation’ Season Six

When Parks & Recreation comes roaring back to your television screens on Sept. 26, something will be different. The show, which has always felt like a beloved underdog, will be the big man in town. Parks & Rec is one of only two returning comedies on NBC this coming season. To reflect its status as top dog, the show is preparing for some seriously exciting guest stars, and these are just the ones they’ve announced so far.

Heidi Klum

The model/Halloween enthusiast will guest star on the season premiere of Parks & Recreation, which will be set in London. Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope will be receiving a women in government award from an international organization and probably making a better royal baby joke than anything on your Twitter feed. At the ceremony, Knope will meet the mayor of a small town in Denmark, played by Klum.

Henry Winkler

The Fonz will also appear in the season six premiere, which be be a full hour long. Winkler is going to play the father of Jean-Ralphio, played by Ben Schwartz (this also technically makes him the father of Jenny Slate’s Mona-Lisa). Winkler is, of course, perfect for this role and there should be plenty of Barry Zuckerkorn and Fonzie references.

Kristen Bell

The once and future Veronica Mars will also make a guest appearance on the upcoming season of Parks & Rec, a Party Down reunion of sorts. Bell will play a character who’s described as Leslie’s “equivalent, but richer and better dressed.” She is a councilwoman in Eagleton, Pawnee’s rival town which is seemingly populated solely by female guest stars who are in some way more glamorous than Leslie Knope.

Parks & Rec has a five season legacy of some of the greatest guest roles on modern television including, but not limited to: Megan Mullally as Tammy Two, Patricia Clarkson as Tammy One, Jenny Slate as Mona-Lisa, Parker Posey as Lindsay Carlisle Shay and Joe Biden, Newt Gingrich, Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snowe as themselves.