CommentBuzz: The Week’s Best Reader Comments About the Royal Baby, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga

Is it Friday already? ALREADY?! Where does the time go? I feel like it was just last week that I was sitting here, writing a rambly introduction to another edition of CommentBuzz. Oh, it was last week?  Well, fine. Whatever. My point still stands: time, man. Time.

Speaking of time, we had some good times this week! Like the time Kate Middleton and Prince William had a little baby and they walked out of the hospital and showed us the baby and then they drove away and later named the baby and right now who knows what they are doing with the baby but the baby is probably pretty well taken care of. Hahaha, retweet if you love babies! Also, retweet if you just love retweeting!

There was also the time Miley Cyrus was “so Miley” and said some very “Miley” things. There were a lot of times like that this week. There are a lot of times like that every week… Out of all of the times we’ve had, though, my favorites are the ones where you left great comments on your favorite stories and then I rounded them all up below:

The biggest and bestest story of the week was, of course, the birth of George Alexander Louis. You reacted royally:

“Kate & William will make wonderful parents. Canada is proud of our Royals_and excited for the newest Royal Baby Boy.” – carolyncal2422

“How cute! Congratulations to the Royal Couple!” – Inanuah

“I just love a name chosen with purpose and which has history!!! Best wishes from the U.S.! I know Princess Di was looking down and overjoyed!!” – Eileen

congratulations!!! kate and william on ur new bundle of joy all the best” – Sarah

#WeCantStop talking about Miley Cyrus and her many, many controversies (including her admission that she’s been to a strip club and her remarks about simulating oral sex):

“Miley has changed for the worst.” – vampirediariesgirl

“Why in the world Miley go too a Strip club? That’s for men only. Unless its a guys Striping.” – vampirediariesgirl

“Yeah it’s crap like this that has the world so f**ked up…..its twits like her that believe you should be able to do and say whatever you like without any repricussions…in any job outside the entertainment or political venue your ass would be handed your walking papers for comments on smoking a line or snorting one, and vulgarly screwing a mattress, cause there isn’t one thing sexy about the video….these famous idiots need to start picking up a clue and stop trying to comment on things they don’t have any education on other than what they find politically correct! Was a fan….no more!” – Shiela

“Oh get the hell over yourself ……………you still have teenager followers RESPECT them .I will not let my granddaughters watch anything about you in my home are we looking at the next Lindsey???” – Jackie

“Miley dressing slutty and talking about sex and drugs does not make you look “grown up”. It’s actually kind of immature “grow up” and stop acting like a rebellious teenager.” – alexalovesyou

Aubrey Plaza showed off her bikini body for GQ, but not everyone was impressed:

“Why does being skinny automatically mean you have a bikini body?She has, like, zero figure.” – Megan

It wouldn’t be a week in entertainment news if there weren’t a story about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. This week, it was all about an awkward interview that Selena shut down when asked about the Biebs:

“Good for Selena,The interview was supposed to be about her, not her on again,off again boyfriend. TMZ has all that info.Why is it that every reporter wants to be a bad news gossip hound?” – Jerry

“That’s rude, she’s not “talking” to someone her age, she could’ve at least said, “I don’t wanna talk about it, sorry”, she’s not on age to act like that, she’s 21.” – Maria

“Good for her!!! Its really getting annoying with all this Selena/Bieber crap! Leave the girl alone already!!!!” – Jillean

“I do not agree Selena is a good singer might be the kind of music you like or whatever but she does have talent.leave the girl alone I don’t blame her for not wanting to talk about Justin it prob makes her feel unconftable to talk about him. She prob didn’t know what to say.” – Rebecca

It was a big week for Little Monsters! Lady Gaga posed nude and made some remarks about her upcoming single, and we can tell you guys are excited:

“Beautiful! Can’t wait for her comeback!” – Ash

“GORGOUS! SHe is so beautiful! And so hot! I love her!” – Ash

“I do not see how this is a sexy or “sizzling” photo AT ALL.” – Deanna

“she looks amazing without all that make-up” – Jana

“So. Much. Photoshopping. So much cutting/body sculpting and what the heck they have done to her collar bone, I don’t know.” – Ad Lib

Lastly, let us all remember the time Beyoncé‘s weave got stuck in a fan while performing. Because LOL:

“some fans can be such Fanatics” – paus

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

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