Listen: Lady Gaga’s ‘Posh Life’ Demo For TLC

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Lady Gaga isn’t chasing any waterfalls with this whole songwriting business. Just a day after TLC announced that the “Born This Way” crooner will be penning new material for their greatest hits album, one of her new songs for the R&B girl group has been leaked on the internet.

Titled “Posh Life,” the upbeat track basically screams the 90s with self-empowering lyrics that’ll look nicely next to “Unpretty.” (See the complete lyrics at Directlyrics.)

In the demo, which is performed by Gaga herself, she sings:

In God we trust and it’s okay / He said I’m Black, Latin, and Gay / I went to them, they turned away

Where life is holding you down / And you’re having trouble finding peace / You gotta be brave, and pray until you bleed 

But Gaga isn’t the only one helping out T-Boz and Chilli: Drake and Ne-Yo are also slated to contribute to TLC’s upcoming record.

The music group, who’s third member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes passed away in 2002, is also the subject of VH1’s latest movieCrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

As for Gaga, the recuperating artist will make her comeback at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards following her hip surgery this February.