Rob Lowe’s Rock Band Score Leads the Week in Celebrity Tweets

What a week for Twitter and social media. Somewhere between the birth of the royal baby and Miley Cyrus’ schnitzel fest, Rob Lowe found the time to let the world know that he’s a pretty good player on Rock Band.

As in the video game.

His song of choice was Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.”

I don’t need Emmy nods,” Lowe wrote. “I have a PERFECT SCORE on mutha-effin’ Rock Band! Medium setting! I resign from show business! I am a Golden God!”

Elsewhere in Twitterland, Anna Kendrick took note of her grocery store employees, Pete Wentz spent all his time twerking while Lena Dunham shared her pimple woes.

Launch the gallery, above, for the week’s best celebrity tweets.