The Many Faces Of Sandra Bullock

Let’s face it: Sandra Bullock has an incredible acting range. (Come on, she’s won an Oscar for crying out loud.)

Whether she’s getting serious in films such as Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close or making us laugh in The Heat, the actress always on point with the delivery. Basically, this girl can do it all.

Seeing how the actress is celebrating her 49th (!) birthday this Friday, Celebuzz is taking a look at why she’s just that good acting.

Here are Bullock’s many, many faces.

1. Her Giggly Face

2. Her Shocked Face

3. Her Serious Face

4. Her “OMG A Naked Hot Man Just Ran Into Me” Face

5. Her “Yeah, I Just Made Out With Scarlett Johansson” Face

6. Her Annoyed Face

7. Her Whatever Face

8. Her Demure Face

9. Her “OMG I Just Fell On My Face” Face

10. Her Getting Slimed Face

11. And Whatever This Is