Get To Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Katrina Darling

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With world political leaders and celebs like President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and famous Brits Harry Styles and Ellie Goulding sending their congrats to Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William on the birth of week-old baby boy, Prince George, it only seems fitting Katrina Darling should, too.

Wait, Katrina, who?

Well, for (the many) who’ve never heard of her, Katrina is the Duchess’s distant cousin, who hopped on the 15 minutes bandwagon just before her commoner-turned-princess relative became betrothed to Wills in 2011.

The kicker: She’s never even met her cuz, but still feels she needs to share some sage advice to their newborn prince: “I wish both mother and baby a safe journey and congratulate them on the next big adventure and new challenges in their lives,” she told Page Six. “And to my fellow Cancerian Prince, I say spend your life exploring every inch of it, learn all there is to know, explore yourself and find out who you are!”

Those wise words come from experience, considering the British-born 22-year-old is known for exploring her wild side as a unroyal-like raunchy burlesque dancer (but dons crown pasties to cover up), and continues to do her family name proud by taking it all off (gasp!) for Playboy.

But when we say distant, the royal relationship is pretty f-a-r — turns out Kate and Katrina are… take a deep breath… second cousins, once removed, with her grandmother Jane Darling being the sister of the Duchess’s great-grandfather Thomas Harrison (now that’s a mouthful.)

And this isn’t the first time she’s spoken up about her semi-royal connection. Katrina’s cashed in on her fetish modeling, given her take on Prince Harry‘s nude Las Vegas pics and admitted that it would be “awkward to meet Kate” (um, you think!?)

Well, if Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog can offer their well wishes on the special royal delivery, Katrina’s in good company.