Gretchen Rossi Dishes On Her Engagement And Getting Married Next Year ‘Far, Far Away’

In true Real Housewives fashion, there’s always a plot twist.

This time it’s Gretchen Rossi turning the tables on her longtime beau, Slade Smiley, and asking for his hand in marriage.

“It was nerve-wracking!” Rossi told Celebuzzwhen she visited our Hollywood studio. “I feel so bad for every man who has to go through this. I was surprised how scared I was… just all the things that could go wrong with this proposal.”

And it wouldn’t be Rossi if it wasn’t over-the-top. Cue wedding song (written by her, of course), helicopter, highrise rooftop and flowing white dress.

“I wrote him a song and I surprised him at his radio station,” Rossi revealed with a huge smile. “In the song I ask him to marry me.

“He had no idea he was getting in a helicopter, flying to the top of the AT&T building in downtown Los Angeles where I was waiting standing in a white flowing dress and ring!”

So on to the next most important question — when and where do they want to celebrate their big day?

“We don’t have a date set, but we’ve mulled around maybe next August,” she added. “We’ve talked about doing things far, far away. Very destination.”

Watch more with Gretchen Rossi talking about the real reason her co-stars weren’t invited to her engagement party, Twitter wars with Alexis Bellino and what’s up with a big blow-up coming up between Vicki Gunvalson and Slade (again) in the CB! video above.

And to see Gretchen propose in action, watch The Real Housewives of Orange County tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.