Tara Reid Denies Being Cut from ‘Sharknado’ Sequel

When Sharknado, SyFy’s latest original movie, became an internet sensation, it looked like Tara Reid had hitched her wagon to a rising star. So it was surprising when TMZ published a story over the weekend saying she’d been unceremoniously dumped from the planned sequel.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ … producers had a meeting this past week to discuss plans for the New York-based sequel — and the only actor they want back for round 2 is Ian Ziering.

Reid herself immediately denied TMZ’s report:

In addition Asylum, Sharknado’s production company, also tweeted that they’d be happy to have her back.

TMZ has since backtracked, publishing a new story saying that Reid is, in fact, invited back for the sequel.

In addition to being welcome, Reid is also soliciting ideas for the script that doesn’t exist yet, just in case there are any budding screenwriters out there:

TMZ also mentions the existence of a “cast wish list.” Sadly, though, it doesn’t name anyone on the list but here’s hoping Meryl Streep’s reps are currently getting calls to come in for a meeting at SyFy.