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  • Cynthia Beaumont
    Cynthia Beaumont

    I was so bored with it just kept fast forwarding everything with Gretchen & Slade! just wanted to see Vicki and her party.

  • BravoBravo

    I look forward to your comments as much as I do to the shows. Why don't you comment on RHONJ--and all the others?

  • realjunkie

    Alex, here are my thoughts- Gretchen just got herself kicked off this show. Not including the women in her "proposal party" just emphasized the fact she has no place in this group anymore. Vicki hates her, Tamra (who I detest) is throwing her under the bus (I wonder if their new friendship was all a set up???), Heather can't let the "Malibu Country" thing go, Lydia hates Slade and by association, Gretchen, and Alexis, Gretchen's last chance at a friendship on the show, has moved on. Who is left for her to hang out with? I will be shocked if she is on the show next season (See Danielle Staub, RHONJ). And from what I've been reading, most people could care less about watching a Gretchen/Slade wedding spinoff. You mentioned the fact that their engagement was not the finale indicates there could be a spinoff, but couldn't it also be that no one cared enough to make it the big finale?