Justin Bieber Tries His Hand At Rapping Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’

He first was spitting at people, now he’s spitting out made rhymes.

Justin Bieber treated fans to a special rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” when he stopped by the famous rapper’s hometown of Detroit (you know, the city that filed for bankruptcy) this week.

Though the 19-year-old stumbled on the opening line — replacing “sweaty” with “heavy” — of the tune, the crowd seemed to be in a forgiving mood and cheered him on. But given that the 10-year-old song gained its popularity when most of Bieber’s fans were still in diapers, it might explain just why the audience was so willing to let this huge faux pas slide. 

Apparently, JB was being quite the little show-off that night. Not only did he ruin rap an Oscar-winning song, he also indulged in a little guitar and drum solo during his set.

Flub aside, at least he didn’t vomit out any mom’s spaghetti. Well, this time.