Kristen Stewart To The Paparazzi: 'You Don't Deserve To Breathe The Same Air I Do'

Kristen Stewart On The Set Of 'Camp X-Ray'
Pro tip: never piss off Kristen Stewart.

A video of the Twilight actress giving a pesky paparazzo a piece of her mind has surfaced online. In the footage, the 23-year-old is seen yelling at photographers as she hides behind a gate in an alley, calling the cameraman that's filming her a "piece of sh*t."

You don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do,” she hollers before calling the videographer is a "f**k face" when he protests.

Eventually, Stewart is seen hopping into the passenger seat of a car as the paparazzi starts taking picture. Though the photographer in question is heard bombarding her with questions about ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, the previously vocal actress remains quiet as an assistant hands her a drink.

However, Stewart isn't the only person confronting the paps these days.

Rapper Kanye West recently got into a Cher-approved scuffle with a photographer outside of LAX.

So don't worry, KStew. You're not alone in this fight.



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  • simiii

    paparazzi are idiots and you Marissa Claire, how can you slander someone, when you do not know, you are very miserable ,, remains strong kristen

  • Marissa Claire
    Marissa Claire

    Aww poor litle adulterer. She is so arrogant, probably the same arrogance that led her to have an extra marital affair on her husband with an older, married man.

  • Jan McCann
    Jan McCann

    Bottom feeding pigs!! Get a real job..There will come a time when you cause someone to kill their selves or better yet YOU!! The least you could do is not stalk or speak to them!! You have no right to question people about the person life especially when their on their on free time,you dirt bags..Loath,hate despise all of you!!!.