Win An Advance Copy Of 'Kate' By Marcia Moody

Celebuzz is still hopped up on the royal birth, and we'd like to continue this celebration by giving away an advance hardcover copy (complete with color photos) of Marcia Moody's royal biography, Kate (Michael O'Mara Books/Trafalgar Square Publishing from iPg).

The book contains one of the most up-to-date and detailed looks into the life of Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, including her upbringing, her romance with Prince William, and her life as a senior royal.

"She has overcome extreme nerves about stepping into the public arena, and whenever I have seen her she has a fantastic way with people," Moody, a royal reporter by trade, told me a few weeks ago about Catherine.  "She is warm, friendly and interested in everyone."

The book is available October 1st, 2013, but one lucky Celebuzz reader will win an advanced copy of Kate by entering our giveaway.

How To Enter:

To enter, tell us your favorite thing about the Duchess of Cambridge in the comments section below (make sure you sign in so we have your email).

Is it her style?  Is the way she nailed her post-nuptial curtsy to the Queen?  Pray tell!

Click here for complete contest rules.  Open to U.S. residents only.  Celebuzz will select a comment at random and email the author of that comment next week.



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  • Susie Pennachio
    Susie Pennachio

    I LOVE Kate. I love how she goes from your average girl to royalty. It's like a real life Disney movie. I love her fashion, her elegance, even how she walks. She is a huge inspiration and role model. She seems like she would be a fun person to just hang out with and get to know. She seems very real, she doesn't seem like she is just putting on an act for everybody. Very down to Earth person who really means what she does when she participates in charities and meeting with everyone at events. I love that she doesn't want a nanny for her baby. She keeps with traditions but doesn't lose herself or her own beliefs. I also cannot forget to add how she is absolutely gorgeous and flawless, who wouldn't want to look like her??? Love you Kate! Xxo

  • Stephanie Diane
    Stephanie Diane

    I really love how classy she is without being fake about it. She is just a high class gal!

  • kclarksonfnatic

    I love Kate's confidence and charisma. She seems like the girl everyone would want to be friends with.

  • Sharon Kaminski
    Sharon Kaminski

    Kate carries herself very well and her style and how she poses herself is fabulous. She is a great lady

  • cindypradhini

    I love everything about her! I love how fashionable she is, she's very very down to earth, and she always smile to everyone! And the most important is she would wear the same clothes twice! Which is its shocking cause she got the money but she wants wear her clothes twice :) and she wears clothing brand like us like z*ra, t*pshop etc. I hope I could win!!! Much love from Indonesia :)

  • Angela Pena
    Angela Pena

    I love how relatable she is as well as her style and gorgeous smile.

  • zgrace

    I love her poise and grace and how she's bringing back the "trend" of being a lady. She and William are so obviously in love.

  • Martin Van N
    Martin Van N

    I have no right to say that other's don't get the chance as I get, but what is true is that Kate seems genuine, and down to earth and that's what people need I believe, someone that can open people's heart and listen to them and do the right thing. I do not know much about her to be honest, I am from the Netherlands but that doesn't mean I do not want to know as much as a British citizenship ! I am a foreigner in Britain, and I love to know more about her and this could be the right book to inspire and be fully up to date ! Her smile is sweet,friendly and welcoming ! I just want to completely be informed what's going in and out this great country ! Wish everyone luck. My own country ex queen now, was a excellent example towards my country but I did watched the Royal wedding, and I just loved how that was put into place. It was lovely, a wedding that everyone could dream for.

  • Victoria Harman
    Victoria Harman

    and by 2013 I clearly meant 2012... :P

  • Victoria Harman
    Victoria Harman

    How about that epic photo at the London 2013 Olympics where she and Wills are giving each other the world's biggest hug? I like how she's humanized the monarchy and made them relax a little bit + show moments when they are like us :)

  • Justine Krolikowski
    Justine Krolikowski

    My favorite thing about HRH Duchess of Cambridge is her grace. She manages to look & act full of grace at every single moment. Everyone knows she has impeccable style, which is often compared to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. But her grace is evident in every single event we see her; Royal Wedding, children hospices, sporting events, walking Lupo in Angelesy & most recently the birth of her first child. Where less than 24 hours after giving birth she presented her son with her husband for the world to see, looking immaculate and graceful. I look up to her as a role model of the type of woman, wife & mother I want to become!

  • ascholes

    Her beauty & elegance, they are both adorable!

  • Victoria Howard
    Victoria Howard

    Catherine has exemplified such amazing poise, grace, and strength over her short time as an official member of the royal family, and that's what I admire about her/ is my favorite thing about her. She hasn't let what people say about her, or what the press say about her, affect her. One great example of this is when her topless photos were released from her vacation in France. She was on the Asia Pacific Tour with William at the time, but still moved forward with her obligations with a smile on her face like nothing had happened. Unlike some other "celebrities" who would have cancelled everything and went home out of embarrassment. That courage is what makes a true "princess" and future Queen, in my book.

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen

    I definitely LOVE everything about Kate! Such an elegant lady!

  • Jen Rodrigues
    Jen Rodrigues

    I love how down to earth she is and how normal she is as well. She is like you and me. She treats everyone with kindness and loves to help people. I really look up to her. She is an amazing person to look up too.

  • ambermiller86

    I like how down to earth she is.