Selena Gomez Has The Giggles In Behind-The-Scenes ‘Getaway’ Video

Selena Gomez may be taking on more serious roles these days, but it doesn’t mean she can’t stop for a laugh or two.

In fact, the former Disney starlet was hit with a fit of giggles while filming her upcoming action flick, Getaway. In a behind-the-scenes video Gomez uploaded onto her YouTube account, the 21-year-old was seen cracking up in a car with two crew members.

“Oh, my gosh! This is the best footage ever. If this doesn’t make behind the scenes I’m gonna kill someone,” she said through her laughter.

Starring Ethan Hawke, Getaway centers around a former race-car driver who must drive around and accomplish task in order to free his kidnapped wife. Gomez’s character is known simply as “The Kid” who is along for Hawke’s wild ride after an attempted carjacking. Obviously, high speed antics ensue.

The flick will hit theaters August 30, though the word’s still out if it’ll have more laughs than Gomez’ little on-set video.