‘2 Guns’ Director: Why Denzel Washington Was the Right Choice

When it came to casting his action-comedy 2 Guns, director Baltasar Kormákur wanted to break the mold.

“Instead of throwing the comedian into it, I wanted a drama actor showing a new thing,” Kormákur told Celebuzz at the New York City premiere of his film. “That’s what I was going for, trying to get [a] different [feel].”

That’s what he found in Denzel Washington, the Academy Award-winning thespian famous for such films as Training Day, Malcolm X and American Gangster.

“I really love when serious actors crack into comedy. It’s so refreshing and so rewarding,” Kormákur said of watching Washington play DEA agent Bobby Trench in 2 Guns. “It’s so hard earned, ya know, when he smiles he lights up the whole cinema.”

And pairing Washington with Mark Wahlberg proved to be a winning combination because their chemistry “came kind of naturally,” the director added. “Of course, you kind of lay it out, you make the groundwork. It’s like matchmaking. You have to put the … nice lights, and then maybe the magic will happen. But it’s very much what they brought onto the table.”