Simon Pegg Dressed Up Like a Drunk Ron Weasley and You Captioned It

SECRET CONFESSION: I never read any of the Harry Potter books. I did see several of the movies. They were… long? But, hey, we’re all entitled to our own opinions, because we live in America, and our forefathers fought for our right to decide whether or not to read a seven-million-page series about wizards and goblins or whatever and I am proud to be an American and will defend with my life the rights of people who may or may not want to read certain book series and/or watch their movie adaptations!

All of that was basically just my way of getting around the fact that I had nothing funny nor interesting to say about this photo, though it’s a good photo, and the captions are good too:

“Don’t worry Harry, I won’t let anyone take our potato chips!” – Bridget

“There should be a spell for that!!!” – Maria

“The years after Hogwarts have been a b*tch” – Nikki

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[Image Source: @SimonPegg]