Drake Talks About That Whole Amanda Bynes ‘Murder My Vagina’ Thing

It was the tweet heard ’round the world.

After troubled former child star Amanda Bynes’ initial tweet brought in a firestorm of attention, she continued to talk about Drake, at different times calling him “ugly,” “gorgeous,” and saying he looks like he has Down syndrome. Drake talks about the bizarre story he was unwittingly dragged into in an interview with XXL magazine:

I don’t even know who that is doing that or what that’s about. If that is her, I guess it’s a little weird and disturbing. It’s obviously a behavioral pattern that is way bigger than me. Whoever is behind it, whether it’s her or somebody else, they know people are paying attention so they keep it going.

Drake, whose new album, “Nothing Was The Same,” comes out in September, also talks about the pressures he feels to impress:

I remember coming into this year thinking, “How am I going to cut through all these people and shine?” I’ve never been part of a year when so many legends are dropping projects. How am I going to be seen? I’m going to be like the kid waving in the background in the photo with all of his tall relatives. And, I guess, those were my initial thoughts, and not to say that I haven’t enjoyed some of the stuff that has come out this year, but it didn’t pan out the way I thought it was going to. I think I am going for it, to really establish what are murmurs or things being said quietly, “Um, I think that Drake might actually…” On September 17th I want people to be like, “Oh, we were right.”

While Drake doesn’t offer anyone wine spritzers and a private screening of Sixteen Candles, he, once again, doesn’t fail to amuse, providing this choice quote about his success as a Jew-ish rapper: “I get Jewish people coming up to me proud like, ‘Mazel Tov, bro. Come to my house for Shabbat dinner.'” Shalom aleichem, Drizzy.