Meryl Streep Circling Two Major Movie Roles

Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep is circling two high-profile projects to add to her never-ending roster, according to reports Tuesday from Deadline.

The first is an adaptation of Ann Leary’s The Good Home, in which she will play a New England realtor who reconnects with an old flame who “tries to un-complicate her complicated life.” Oh God. On the bright side: The old flame will be played by Robert DeNiro, who famously worked with Streep in The Deer HunterFalling in Love and Marvin’s Room. So, not terrible.

Also on her plate is the better-sounding adaptation of The Giver, in which Streep would play the Chief Elder in charge of keeping the novel’s utopian society in order. This would mark her first collaboration with Jeff Bridges, who has already signed on to play the titular character, the man in charge of training a young Receiver (Brenton Thwaites) to inherit the memories from their society’s past (or something; fourth grade was a long time ago).

Meanwhile, that sequel to Mamma Mia I keep hoping for will just have to wait.

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