If You Watched Movies Backwards and Other Funny Things

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I don’t know, I feel like if you watched Mean Girls — or any movie, for that matter — backwards, it would just sound a lot like Twin Peaks. Man, Twin Peaks… now there was a show! (The movie was also very good, even though a lot of people thought it was garbage, and it kind of was, but in a good way, you know what I am saying? It was definitely something! And by something I mean TERRIFYINGLY STRANGE!)

Speaking of movies, Reddit did what Reddit does best and did a whole thing about what movie plots would be if you watched them backwards, and then BuzzFeed made the responses “more visual” because, and here’s a fact you might not know, people on the internet like pictures! So please, enjoy a few more, and then keep scrolling for more celebrity funny stuff. (Please visit the lobby for refreshments, and put those cell phones away!)

Beyoncé stars in Lord of the Bling. A massive success, to be sure…

Song of the Summer, GIF of MY LIFE:

Are these “noseless” celebrity GIFs funny or just straight-up terrifying? Both? You decide, but only one… will live.

I think the term “BANGSTACHES” pretty much explains itself:

Because I know you, like me, live for quality puns and quality ‘shop jobs:

As a bonus, here is a Miley Cyrus-approved twerkalicious gem:

And now, friends, we must part ways, for this edition of Celebrity Meme Roundup is OVER! See you next week!

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