How to Smile, According to Victoria Beckham

Yep, it happened again: Victoria Beckham smiled and there’s photographic evidence.

On Wednesday, every famous person’s favorite hairstylist and BFF Ken Paves took to Twitter to share the following Kodak moment after hiking with the former Spice Girl in Los Angeles.


The photo comes less than two weeks after Beckham, 39, posted a similar snapshot from L.A., in front of the famous Hollywood sign. And yes, she smiled in that photo too.


While it remains a mystery as to why Beckham doesn’t smile more often (and why we continue to obsess over it), here’s a little something we’d like to call “How To Smile Like Victoria Beckham.”

Show your teeth (lots of it).

But keep your eyes covered (sunglasses usually do the trick).

Be coy. (Here VB shields her Kiss Cam smooch with David Beckham with her hand).

Make sure your hair isn’t in the way.

Tilt your head.

Keep smiling, keep shining, Victoria Beckham.

[All Gifs courtesy of Tumblr.]