Finally, Eleven Years Later, Someone Combined ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘A Thousand Miles’

The year was 2002. America was only fighting one war and Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” was the only song on the radio; Justin Bieber was seven. It was a simpler time.

If you’re of a certain age (millenial) like myself, you’ll recall rushing home after school to watch Keeper of Cool Carson Daly count down the day’s top music videos on MTV’s TRL. There was a time there when the video for “A Thousand Miles” was just as much a staple on that show as Britney Spears’ midriff or Justin Timberlake’s perm (never forget Justin Timberlake’s perm). But the video, which showed Carlton zooming through a city on a piano, was always missing something: vehicular manslaughter. Thankfully, YouTube user Matthew Jackson has seen fit to fix that. Happy Friday!