Guess Who’s Back? Back Again? Shady’s Back… For Another Caption Contest! #DopeFlow

Hey, look, it’s great that Eminem is performing again, but what about that new album, huh? WHERE IS IT, MR. MATHERS?! We have waited long enough! We need you to come back and show Macklemore who really runs the White Rap Game. (It’s me; I do. Sorry if that was misleading, Eminem, but it’s just a fact: I am the world’s greatest white rapper.)

And from my mouth — the mouth of the world’s greatest white rapper — to God’s ears, here are today’s winning captions:

“‘Hip hop hoorAY HO!'” – Mackenzie


“Can’t touch this” – Brittney

“Yo haters!!come here and say it to my face bi*ches” – Romi

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