Justin Bieber’s Waitress Party Pal Comes To His Defense Over Club Brawl: ‘He Had Nothing To Do With It’

Justin Bieber’s partying ways have landed him at the center of a bar brawl last weekend in the Hamptons, but one of the girls who was with the pop star that night tells Celebuzz his hands are clean of any wrongdoing.

“Everyone is trying to portray Justin in a negative light and he had nothing to do with it,” said South Pointe club cocktail waitress Sophia Rayo.

“Everyone was involved, we almost got out [of the car],” she added. “It was just some silly thing about a bow tie. It was a dumb thing. Guys just have testosterone.”

The New York Daily News reported Rayo, 32, and her co-worker Diana Bhokasub, 24, were “handpicked” by the 19-year-old singer to hang out with his crew. But things went awry when a scorned patron, Wayne Rennalls, who had a thing for one of the waitresses got a little too close to the Biebs’ ride when he tried to get his bow tie back from one of the girl’s.

When the stir-up got to the parking lot and Biebs was seen hopping on the roof of his SUV, that’s when his bodyguards got involved and are now being investigated by police after Rennalls filed a police report alleging assault which landed him in the hospital with mild injuries.

“I personally think the guy was starting with Justin and was aggressive because he wanted to get him involved because it’s Justin Bieber and he’s a celebrity,” added Rayo.

“I think that people start with people sometimes because they want to get hit and look like the big guy in the crew.”

She adds there’s a lot we don’t see in the now-infamous footage.

“The one thing you don’t see in the video is that his friends were calling Justin names, anything that would get a normal person worked up. And one thing led to another and his friends got knocked to the floor,” said Rayo.

Rayo adds she didn’t see the “Boyfriend” crooner tell his bodyguards anything about the alleged victim.

“This isn’t what Justin’s friends were looking for,” she said. “It was the other side that was looking to start something. Justin and his friends were just trying to leave as seamlessly as possible to go to the after hours.”

Oh, and everyone wondering what happened between the newly-single Biebs and his ladies… well, a whole lot of nada.

“We were with three caravans of people and it was unisex — boys and girls,” Rayo said. “To say that there was a love triangle between me, my friend and Justin is not true.

“The story is getting out of hand.”

Read the police report in the CB! gallery above.