Get To Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Krisann Morel

Krisann Morel was apparently quite instrumental in helping to raise one of Hollywood’s most famous (and powerful) mom’s today.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Morel was actually Angelina Jolie’s childhood nanny.

The former babysitter, who now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada as a self-employed writer, was first quoted in Andrew Morton’s juicy 2010 tell-all, Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, claiming that after Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, split from Jon Voight in 1976, she was so distraught that she holed little Jolie up in a separate apartment where she was looked after by caretakers.

A year later, Morel spilled her guts (yet again) to In Touch, who quoted that the actress was a “lonely toddler” whose time in isolation “did some damage.” The mag also said the 38-year-old is actually an “ice-queen mom who is distant.”

Interestingly (and not surprisingly) this is, of course, in stark contrast to what the Maleficent star herself has said about her beloved mom, who she has described as “grace incarnate.”

The future Mrs. Brad Pitt, who together have six children, recently made headlines for undergoing a double mastectomy as a preventative measure after her mom passed away of ovarian cancer in 2007.

She spoke candidly about her decision in a New York Times article, praising her mother for her strength: “My mother fought cancer for almost a decade and died at 56. She held out long enough to meet the first of her grandchildren and to hold them in her arms. But my other children will never have the chance to know her and experience how loving and gracious she was,” Jolie wrote.

Going even farther back, in a November 2011 60 Minutes interview the actress often described as the “world’s most beautiful woman” held back tears when speaking about her: “Everything was for her children,” she said. “I’ll never be as good as my mother was, I will try my best, but I don’t think I ever will be. She was the most generous loving women, she is better than me.”

So who do we believe? The bitter babysitter or the Oscar winner, screenwriter, director, philanthropist and world political activist.

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. We’ll let you decide.