Justin Bieber Pranked His Own Grandma With a Naked Serenade: Photos

Justin Biebr Pranks His Grandma In The Buff
Continuing his reign of unadulterated terror, Justin Bieber apparently pranked his grandma with a naked serenade last Thanksgiving -- and TMZ has the NSFW photos to prove it.

So the story goes, Bieber overslept the morning of Thanksgiving 2012 (the Canadian one, not the real one). When he realized the error of his ways, the "Beauty and the Beat" singer decided the best thing to do was to pick up his guitar and start walking around the house buck naked.

The result was something similar to the weird things he's been doing on tour lately. Everyone had a laugh, even good ol' grandma, before Bieber finally wised up and put some clothes on. Lol, eh? (No.)





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  • Fay Herridge
    Fay Herridge

    Excuse me but Thanksgiving in October is just as "REAL" to us Canadians as November Thanksgiving is to Americans. We celebrate in the same way and for the same reasons.

  • Sussy Loera
    Sussy Loera

    Que Payaso y Grosero.. Asi o Mas Estupido??

  • William Moulton
    William Moulton

    Someone needs to smack this little punk around