Listen: Lady Gaga Drops ‘Applause’ A Week Before Intended Release Date

Thanks ruining everything pushing “Applause” ahead of schedule, hackers.

Following the leak of a snippet of her ARTPOP single, Lady Gaga has decided to officially release the track one week ahead of its initial premiere date.

On Monday, the Mother Monster took to her Twitter to announce the news, writing:

Sure enough, the song hit the airwaves soon after the announcement. Gaga, 27, also released a new promotional photo — below — to “accompany this emergency.”

Given that another new Gaga track — currently debated as either titled “Burqa” or “Aura” — has also been leaked online, maybe we’ll be hearing the rest of ARTPOP a lot sooner than expected. For now, the record is slated to be released November 11.

Take a listen to its first single, below. Lyrics for “Applause” are now available on Directlyrics.